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Terms & Conditions



Carlton House is a family ran Budget Boutique property with 24 en-suite guest rooms each one uniquely designed. The property has no family room availability.


➢ Please make sure that we have your correct mobile number and email  address on your booking form as Self Check-in is sent via email/text.
➢ Our Check starts at 3.30 pm and check-out is at 10.00 am. Late check-out at  12.00pm is available for an additional fee and is subject to availability. Please  enquire about the time of booking.
➢ We do not live on-site and staff members are usually at the premises until 2 pm every day. It is important to make a note of our 24/7 mobile number, just in case you have any issues, questions, or requests – 07948714140.
➢ Between 7 pm and 7 am our 24/7 number is for emergencies only.


We are pet-friendly throughout the property and have a compulsory Pet Policy that  the guests must agree with via email prior the arrival. The Pet policy will be sent to  you at the time of making the booking. It is the guest’s duty to provide the requested  information as per the policy. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if the  guest does not inform us of bringing a pet or does not agree via email with the policy.

We will request your payment details to keep on the system until the day after check-out day in case of damages caused by your pet.
Read our Pet Policy Here:
➢ You must let us know you are coming to stay with your pet and tell us the  breed and age of your dog.
➢ Our policy allows a free stay for 1 small or middle size pet per room for the  period of your booking. Additional pets will be charged an extra fee per night. Please enquire at the time of booking.
➢ We allow a maximum of 2 small pets or one middle size pet to stay per room.
➢ Larger dogs can be admitted under exceptional circumstances (such as guide  dogs) by the owner’s discretion depending on availability and room standards.
➢ Pets need to sleep in their own bed and have their own towel. You must never  use our towels to dry your pet.
➢ Pets are never to be left alone in the room unless they feel comfortable in  their pet carrier. You need to bring your own pet bed.
➢ We allow pets throughout the property. They need to be well-behaved and not to disturb the rest of the guests.
➢ If you are bringing your cat with you, please keep in mind that we do not allow  cat litter trays in the room. You need to take your pet out on a lead when  needed.
➢ Pets need to be well-mannered and quiet as barking will disturb the rest of the  guests. You know your pet best and if you feel they will not be able to settle  please make alternative arrangements. We reserve the right to ask the guests to leave the premises if their pet is disturbing the rest of the residents.
➢ Strictly no pets on the furniture and beds.
➢ Damages (if any) to be paid by the owner.
➢ The pets need to be treated for parasites and vaccinated. We will need your  confirmation for that via text or email.
➢ The owners need to confirm via email or text that they agree with and will  adhere to our Pet Policy.


Carlton House is situated in a residential area and listed as a Quiet and NO Parties  House. All our guests are required to respect and comply with our listing including group parties or multiple bookings. 



Parking Disks 
We do provide parking disk so you can park for free on the street for up to 3 hours at  a time between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm. Parking is free between the hours of 5 pm – 9 am.

Parking Permits 
You MUST let us know prior to your arrival if you require a DAILY STREET  PARKING PERMIT. FEES APPLY so please enquire on the time of booking. The  permit will be left in your room on arrival.


If you wish to order breakfast with us, our Breakfast menu has been sent to you in a  separate email. Please let us know your choice at least a day before your arrival as  everything is freshly prepared.  

If you have booked the B&B rate you can have any choice from the Breakfast Menu  and all the extras on the sideboard. 


➢ We require a payment method to be input at the time of booking. Without a valid payment method, the booking will be kept only for 24 hours and then it will be cancelled automatically.
➢ The system will automatically pre-authorize your payment method 6 days prior  your arrival. If pre-authorization fails your booking will be cancelled within 24  hours unless you change your payment method or ensure funds are available.
➢ You have a free cancellation period up to 5 days prior to your arrival day. If you cancel after the free cancellation period, we will charge the full booking fee.  That will be taken from the pre-authorized payment method.
➢ We will take the full payment of the pre-authorized amount for your stay on  the morning of your arrival. This will be done via Stripe and we will use the  card details you used to book the room with.
➢ All Non-refundable rates will be charged within 24 hours after we have  received your booking.
➢ When we take a payment, a payment confirmation email will be sent to you. Let us know if you need a VAT receipt and that will be sent to you via email.
➢ If you would like to change your payment details or preferences, let us know asap by calling 07948714140 straight away after receiving the Welcome email.
➢ We do reserve the right to deny access to the property if payment has not  been made as per the above conditions.

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