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The Story of Carlton House

Carlton House was originally three individual Victorian properties. At the beginning of 20th Century during the Heyday of Scarborough as the first holiday resort in the UK the three individual properties have been converted into a popular sea-side family hotel. It was a vibrant place with Dinner Dance Evenings, Events and Licensed Bar. 

In the last quarter of the 20th century, holidays abroad with affordable flights and guaranteed sun have caused the tourism industry to take a slump and Carlton House was sold around year 1998 to a property owner that has turned the once beautiful hotel into a Students Accommodation. 

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About Us

We stumbled upon the house in 2012 while looking to make an investment and decided to take the plunge. The property at the time was severely neglected and mistreated but the warmth and beauty of the remaining original features and high ceilings made us fall in love with it. After 9 months of securing the investment, we finally became the owners on 27 February 2013. 

The next two years we had to honour the existing contract so the renovations started in 2015 slowly changing planning and use of the building. 

Have we ever considered what a madness this project will be? Of course not. With perseverance, hard work, love and (a lot) of money we put our souls and savings in turning Carlton House back to its’ previous glory. 

On 1st of July 2017 we opened Carlton House with only 5 guest rooms and 8 long term rooms with the entire building enveloped in scaffolding as the roof gave in and the only option was to re-roof the whole property. 

Brave or adventurous is a matter of argument, but we kept putting all we had into that endless project. Now Carlton House proudly can offer 24 comfortable en-suit guest rooms and a delicious breakfast in our cosy Breakfast Room. The plans for expanding our amenities to host small events and get an alcohol license are pending.

We plan to achieve all we set out to do and to establish Carlton House truly as one of the most comfortable and welcoming guesthouses in Scarborough. 

Our Values

Client centred, personal approach and high-quality service

Offering home like experience never compromising with comfort and hight quality of service we pride to be client orientated business with personal touch and warm attitude.

Self-Check In property

Giving independence to our guests and 24/7 access to their rooms while they are staying with us through using pin operated access and online secure communication.

We are Pet-Friendly

Being pet owners we know how important is to take all the family away for a holiday. To be able to accommodate that for our guests, we have created a very sensible Pet policy that, once you agree with, will allow you to bring your pets with you.

Aiming to become Zero waste premises

Our family business is sensitive to the environment issues we are facing and all our consumptives have been replaced with the eco-friendly cleaning products, re-fill containers, recycling our rubbish and cutting down on kitchen food waste by organising breakfast by order only. Our aim is by 2025 to replace all the light fittings with a movement sensor to reduce the electricity consumption throughout the building wherever possible.

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