VIP Terms and Conditions


VIP Terms and Conditions


• Guests can become a VIP Member if they have stayed with us at least twice for no less than 4 nights in total.

• VIP membership number will be generated and kept alongside your full name and email address.

• To make a VIP booking you will need your VIP membership number and your full name.

• VIP rights are transferrable to family and friends.

• You can make a VIP booking: via email to or by call to 07948714140 stating your full name and VIP number.



• VIP membership gives you 10% Discount on EVERYTHING you book or buy with us for the duration of your stay.

• Free Parking provided for up to two vehicles at a time.

• When possible, we will give you a free upgrade to our best room for no extra charge.

• You will be the first one to know of any Events we are planning for the year. That will give you the chance to book your place and room in advance using your 10% Discount.



• To be a valuable VIP member you will need to have minimum 2 bookings per year for no less than 4 nights in total under your VIP number in order to keep your VIP status.

• Bookings made by your friends and family will be accepted as made by you even if you are not coming with them.



• All bookings are subject to availability.

• To avoid disappointment, please ensure your booking is placed well in advance.

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